1.  Image Corrected Cephalometric Analysis:  ICCA Method  -  A method to correct for image parallax in serial  collateral cephalometric bone marker studies.
  2.  Initial Effects Latham:  Latham_BoneMarker_Study  - Bone marker studies with ICCA method document initial orthopedic change  in cleft anatomic segments in both UCLP and BCLP infants treated by Latham DMA and ECPR, respectively.
  3. Modified Latham:  Tessier_3_4 - Tessier No 3 and 4 cases treated in infancy facilitated by modified Latham device presurgical orthopedic correction with one case documented by  ICCA method for the extent of movements required to align the Tessier cleft segments.
  4. Modified Latham/Molding:   Tessier_4 - Tessier No 4 -  Case report with left orbital dystopia treated in infancy with modified Latham device and Facial molding with infant prosthesis for orbit repositioning performed as presurgical assistance.
  5. Three Sites of Control:   PreSurg_Assis_Nose_Study - This publications documents in UCLP infants the use of  Latham DMA device and auxiliary attachments to further address the native  septo-premaxillary and nasal anatomic derangements.
  6. Craniotomy Tectonics:  Component bone marker displacements revealed by image-corrected cephalometric analysis _ SpringerLink  -  Bone marker component displacement  documentation by ICCA method of cranial bone movements subsequent to surgical procedures and growth in time.
  7. Surgical Site Protection: Palatal_Protective_Stents_Prevent_Oro-Nasal_Fistul - This is a study documenting use of a surgical site protection Stent used post-operative to prevent direct trauma and breakdown of the surgical site of repair with pharyngeal flap for VPI.
  8.  Cephalometric parallax Error:  Head_Position_Error_Cephmtric_Rad  - Documentation of image parallax difference (error) between subsequent lateral cephalometric Surveys, a bone marker study.
  9. DeMyer Sequence: Five Cases  -  Case reports of midline cerebral dysgenesis in oral cleft/CF patients and ramifications in diagnosis and care.
  10. Bonded RPE Construction: AJO, Design fabrication -  Instructs on construction and use of a maxillary arch bonded palatal expansion device.
  11. Oral Cleft/Craniofacial Orthodontic Treatment:  Orthodontics for oral cleft:craniofacial patients   - Article presents, by Aristotelian method, the art of orthodontics used in oral cleft and craniofacial disorders from infancy to adulthood.
  12. The Art of Cephalometric Radiography:   Orthodontics - Cephalometrics   - Article presents the art of cephalometric radiography as routinely used in orthodontic documentation, diagnosis, and in craniofacial research.